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Iosoft Embedded Networking

Iosoft is a pioneer of networking and connectivity technology for embedded systems and real-time applications; core products and services are:

  • TCP/IP stacks and internet appliance web servers for microcontrollers
  • Ready-to-use networking software for PICmicro® devices
  • The 'how to' book TCP/IP Lean, published by CMP Books
  • Real-time data publishing, such as Cambridge City Council Air Quality monitor
  • Embedded wireless connectivity
Check out our new Lean2 blog with hints and tips for embedded systems developers.

New to the PICmicro? Start here. New to embedded wireless? Start here.

802.15.4 and Zigbee® wireless networking

NEW RF hardware development.

Adding wireless connectivity to your product? Low power? Don't need megabit data rates? Read our embedded wireless summary.

Thought about 802.15.4 or Zigbee? With a single-chip transceiver, wireless networking may be easier than you think.

Contact us for details.

ER25 - PICmicro® with power-saving WLAN and I/O

ER25 WiFi development board saves power.
Iosoft's new 802.11b microcontroller board with a high-efficiency WLAN power supply that can be shut down when not in use, giving a massive power saving. Fully compatible with existing ER22 WLAN code, and supported by the new P18WEB v2.62 release.
Get more information here, and the updated WLAN FAQ here.

ER22 - PICmicro® with WLAN, Ethernet and I/O

The ER22 wireless development board has 802.11b WLAN, Ethernet and 11 PICmicro I/O lines in one compact package. The new ChipWeb release P18WEB v2.61 supports the ER22, and has additional WLAN host scan functionality.
Get more information here, details of the new v2.61 software release here, and the updated WLAN FAQ here.

TCP/IP Lean in Chinese

NEW A translation of Jeremy Bentham's 'TCP/IP Lean' 2nd edition is now available from China Machine Press, ISBN 7-111-11808-1

Click here to obtain a copy, or here for more information on the original in English.

ChipWeb software update

P18WEB v2.21 is now available, with full TCP and UDP client support, Ethernet and 802.11b wireless interfaces, and WLAN card power management to reduce current consumption.
Click here for details, and click here for the updated wireless FAQ.

Basic networking software and hardware

Proton-Net board Software: PICBasic UDP/IP networking with sample applications, and Windows interface in Visual Basic - both with full source code.
Hardware: PICmicro Ethernet board with solderless prototyping area, that is still fully compatible with the 'TCP/IP Lean' PICMicro software in C.
Click here for details.

IEEE 802.11b wireless networking (Wi-Fi) for the PICmicro®

PICmicro 802.11b interface ChipWeb goes wireless! The world's first 802.11b wireless development kit for the PICmicro is now available. Click here for details.
Now compatible with the Hi-Tech C compiler. See the software notes and the updated FAQ on the support pages.

' TCP/IP Lean' second edition

The second edition of 'TCP/IP Lean: Web Servers for Embedded Systems' is available.

The book explores the TCP/IP protocol family 'from scratch', with full source code for a wide variety of PC and microcontroller networking applications.

Click here for details of the five new chapters that have been added to the 2nd edition.

ChipVid demonstration hardware

The ChipVid project is a demonstration of high-speed data transfer and low-cost video networking, based on the Microchip PICDEM.net™ kit.

The project is documented in chapter 14 of 'TCP/IP Lean' 2nd edition. Full construction details, including PCB layouts, are now available. Click here for more information.

ChipWeb Embedded TCP/IP

Embedded TCP/IP for microcontrollers, with particular emphasis on the Microchip PIC16xxx and PIC18xxx devices, as supplied with the Microchip PICDEM.net™ kit.

Click here for more information on ChipWeb.

Air Quality data on the Web

We collect, process and publish Cambridge City Council's air quality data on the Web.

Click www.iosoft.co.uk/ccc to go to the Cambridge City Air Quality Web site.

The ChipWeb hedgehog graphic is by Bonnie Mackinnon at www.inkyblue.com

All trade marks and names are recognised, and are the property of their respective owners, including: PICmicro® and PICDEM.net which are marks of Microchip Technology Inc.