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Air Quality Information

Cambridge City Council monitors air quality at the following sites:
Regent St. Gonville Pl. Parker St. Montague Rd.
Carbon Monoxide - - -
Nitrogen Dioxide Nitrogen Dioxide Nitrogen Dioxide Nitrogen Dioxide
Ozone - - -
- PM10 (particulates) PM10 (particulates) PM10 (particulates)
- - - -
- - Air Temperature -

To display the hourly averages for the past 24 hours, click on the appropriate table entry.

The Regent Street data is updated hourly, all other data is updated twice daily (around 01:00 and 13:00 local time).

The following information may be helpful to interpret the graphs.
To conform to national standards, the hourly average bars are annotated with the GMT hour to which they refer. The time and date stamp in the bottom right-hand corner of the graph reflects the local time (BST) when the data was plotted.
Air Temperature
is as measured by the air quality analyser, and is not an accurate indication of the ambient temperature in Cambridge.
Individual Pollutants 
The Various pollutants measured in cambridge are explained on the City Council site
  • 1 ug is a microgramme (one millionth of a gramme)
  • 1 ppm is a part per million (one part, by volume, in a million parts)
  • 1ppb is a part per billion (one part, by volume, in a thousand million parts)

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This page last revised 21 Jan 2002