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Iosoft Ltd. - ChipWeb

ChipWeb screen


  • embedded Web server software for microcontrollers
  • access/control embedded systems remotely via a browser and Ethernet
  • fast-to-market solution for industrial systems, Internet appliances...
  • high-level user-modifiable 'C' source code supplied
  • "evaluate for free", low-cost license for mass applications
  • comprehensive documentation in educational book form
  • step by step introduction to TCP/IP, plus free diagnostic utilities
  • exceptionally small memory footprint - first implementation on PICmicro® 16-series chips
  • full code supplied with Microchip's PICDEM.net™ development kit

ChipWeb: connectivity for all systems.

ChipWeb implements TCP/IP in an ultra-lean form - suitable for installation on products based on low-cost microcontroller chips. The software makes it possible for embedded systems to provide HTML web pages - even dynamically updated ones - via Ethernet LAN/WAN connections. Users and organisations can now remotely access and control new waves of equipment, such as industrial and scientific instruments, and home appliances - via a browser.

The first step for many embedded systems designers will be to explore how ChipWeb could be used on their system, and to help this task the embedded web server software is provided free for unlimited personal experimentation to everyone who buys a copy of the book. This includes the full 'C' source code, with a step by step insight into the technology employed that allows users to quickly understand exactly how it works and how it might be used or adapted for their own applications. The application of this open technology is further enhanced by a number of useful utilities which can be used for diagnostic and test purposes.

When you've finished evaluation and development, a small one-off payment secures a license to install ChipWeb on an unlimited number of your company's products; click here for details.

ChipWeb: the support

ChipWeb is comprehensively documented in a hands-on guide book to TCP/IP networking by veteran real-time software designer Jeremy Bentham, of Iosoft. Aided by abundant source code examples and fully-functional utilities, you will learn about, and experiment with simpler aspects of internetworking, before tackling the TCP protocol itself, and setting up dynamic web pages on small-scale embedded systems. Full 'C' source code for the PC hardware platform and a PICmicro® microcontroller is provided on CD-ROM.

'TCP/IP Lean - Web Servers for Embedded Systems' (second edition), by Jeremy Bentham, is published by CMP Books. Quote ISBN: ISBN 1-57820-108-X to order it from any bookstore. An ongoing software upgrade service is available to users - click here to view options and enhancements.

ChipWeb: the supplier

ChipWeb is a product from the real-time networking systems consultancy Iosoft - a company with extensive experience in the design and implementation of embedded- and industrial-grade computer systems. Founder Jeremy Bentham worked for many years as a project engineer on railway control systems, and as software manager for a prominent backplane-bus/computer board vendor. The ideas behind this new software product stemmed from recent Iosoft work on embedded TCP/IP systems for aerospace, air quality monitoring and video surveillance applications.


The ChipWeb software providing Ethernet and serial (SLIP) for the Microchip PIC16F877 is available as part of the Microchip PICDEM.net™ kit, which includes

  • Demonstration hardware with PIC16F877, RTL8019AS Ethernet controller, serial interface and prototyping area
  • ChipWeb pre-loaded onto the board
  • 'TCP/IP Lean' book
  • Full source code on CD-ROM
  • Comprehensive documentation, including a detailed analysis of Ethernet-TCP/IP-microcontroller interface techniques, written by Jeremy Bentham, author of 'TCP/IP Lean'.

To obtain the PICDEM.net kit, contact a Microchip distributor, or see www.microchip.com/internet

Software variants


The first ChipWeb variant is P16WEB, as supplied on the Microchip PICDEM.net™ kit. This variant supports the PIC16F877 and RTL8019AS Ethernet controller, and provides an embedded Web server with dynamic data display, as pictured above.

An low-cost update to the P16WEB source code is now available, to support a wider range of compilers, and provide a UDP interface. Click here for details of software updates.

CHIPVID - high-speed data transfer

The ChipVid project is a network video demonstration, using low-cost hardware. A simple video 'frame grabber' is added to the Microchip PICDEM.net board, and this is used to stream uncompressed video images to a Windows display utility, using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Up to 2 images per second are sent over the network, and the image quality is very good, as can be seen in the sample above. Click here for a PDF file containing the current project documentation.

ChipVid is described in chapter 14 of TCP/IP Lean 2nd edition, and hardware details including PCB artwork are now available. Click here for more information.

CHIPRAD - IEEE 802.11b wireless networking

PICmicro 802.11b interface

Iosoft introduces wireless networking for the PICmicro, using the IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi) standard. Click here for more information.

Support and commercial licenses.

Click here for software updates, book errata, and application notes.
Click here for licensing information.

PICmicro® is a registered trademark of Microchip Technology Inc., PICDEM.net™ is a trademark of Microchip Technology Inc.