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Iosoft Ltd. - 'TCP/IP Lean' 1st edition errata

The following corrections were made when the book was reprinted:


Page 32,33 - Scratchp protocol standardisation.
The numbering of the list is upside-down: Application is layer 7, while Physical is layer 1.

Page 137 - Well-known ports.
The 'echo' port number is wrong; it should be 7, not 9.

Page 166 fig 6.6 - TCP segment format
Something went a bit wrong here - it looks like the correct diagram has been mostly overlaid with an incorrect one. The diagram should be identical to fig 9.4 on page 284, which is the correct version.

Page 335 - TCP transaction log.
In the bottom block of text, I've put 'It's interesting to note' in two successive sentences. delete the second of these, so the sentence begins 'The frame from the client...'

Page 351 - Variable substitution.
The sentence 'Any suggestion... hollow laughter' should be changed to 'Complex string-manipulation techniques are not very suitable for the PICmicro®'.

Page 367 - Summary.
Change the last two lines of the summary text so it reads '..of the eight stack levels were used. There is plenty of room for expansion; for example, an Ethernet version of the PICmicro® Web server is under development at the time of writing. See the Iosoft Ltd. Web site (www.iosoft.co.uk) for details.'