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Iosoft Ltd. - Support

The following items are available:

Problems using a CCS compiler?

CCS issue compiler upgrades on a frequent basis, so it is impossible for us to test every version.

The ChipWeb source code v1.57 and v2.02 was originally tested with CCS PCW IDE version 3.7, which includes:

  • PCM v3.066 (for PIC16)
  • PCH v3.066 (for PIC18)

There has been a problem with PCM and PCH v3.07x which resulted in incorrect code generation. This was resolved in v3.082.

A further problem was introduced with PCH v3.084, which was resolved by v3.088. Contact www.ccsinfo.com for an upgrade.

Problems using a Hi-Tech compiler?

The ChipWeb source code v1.57 and v2.02 was tested with:

  • Hitech PICC v7.87 PL2 (for PIC16)
  • Hitech PICC18 v8.11 PL1 (for PIC18)

There was a problem with the v8.11 PL1 PIC18 compiler and its predecessors, which has been resolved in v8.12, contact www.htsoft.com for an upgrade.

ChipWeb v2.17 is compatible with PICC18 v8.20 PL2, see the software notes for details.

There are several issues with PICC18 v8.20 PL3, namely:

  • The BORV20 brown-out voltage definition no longer exists, so it must be removed from ht_p18.h
  • The compiler ERRATA switch is enabled by default (see Hi-Tech documentation) and causes a linker failure ("Can't find xxx words for PSECT text..."). This is fixed using the compiler -NOERRATA switch.
  • The following line in p18_wlan.c is not compiled correctly, causing errors when odd-length data is sent:
        count = (len+1) >> 1;
    It must be split into:
        count = len+1; count >>= 1;