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TCP/IP Lean second edition

TCP/IP Lean 2nd edition

General description

Click here for an overview of the TCP/IP Lean concept.

New for the second edition

Five new chapters and one appendix have been added, broadening the scope of this book to include microcontroller Ethernet interfacing, enhanced serial communications, auto-configuration, TCP and UDP client/server operation. The new chapters are:

NEW Chapter 12 - ChipWeb - miniature Ethernet Web server

The PICmicro Web server of chapters 9-11 used a serial (SLIP) link; in this chapter an Ethernet controller (the Realtek RTL8019AS) is used to provide Ethernet connectivity. The resulting Ethernet Web server software is fully compatible with the Microchip PICDEM.net™ demonstration board, and uses an HTML frameset with dynamic updates to display and control the I/O status.

NEW Chapter 13 - Point-to-Point Protocol: PPP

To enhance the original PICmicro SLIP serial communications, an outline PPP implementation is presented, with dial-up, authentication and address negotiation capability.

NEW Chapter 14 - UDP clients, servers and fast data transfer

In a major departure from the miniature Web servers, this chapter looks at the theory and practice of client/server programming, using UDP for low-level data transmission. Practical examples for the Microchip PICDEM.net kit include:

  • Time client, which displays the current time it has fetched over the network
  • High-speed server, which provides uncompressed video images at up to 2 Mbit/s
  • Windows and Linux interface framework
NEW Chapter 15 - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol: DHCP

Self-configuring systems are useful in many applications; this chapter introduces DHCP, discusses its strengths and weaknesses, and presents a full implementation for the PICmicro®.

NEW Chapter 16 - TCP clients, SMTP and POP3 email

Completing the discussion of microcontroller client/server programming, this chapter gives working examples of TCP email clients:

  • SMTP client, which sends an email on contact closure.
  • POP3 client, which fetches emails from a server, displaying the source address and subject line.
NEW Appendix D - PICmicro-specific issues

The new software supports both the CCS and Hitech 'C' compilers on the Microchip PIC16xxx and PIC18xxx microcontrollers. This appendix looks at the hardware and software issues involved.


As with the first edition, full 'C' source code for all the PC and PICmicro applications is provided on the CD-ROM.

ENHANCED Function and structure indexes

All 'C' language functions and structures are indexed.

Publication details

TCP/IP Lean: Web Servers for Embedded Systems (Second Edition)
Jeremy Bentham
CMP Books, 560 pages, book & CD-ROM
ISBN 1-57820-108-X


TCP/IP Lean: Web Servers for Embedded Systems (second edition) can be ordered from any bookseller by quoting the ISBN, on-line at the publisher CMP Books, amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, or from other on-line retailers. It is not available direct from Iosoft Ltd.

The second edition is available from April 2002.

Support and commercial licenses.

Click here for application notes and software updates.
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