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Iosoft Ltd. - Software updates

These updates are covered by the original license agreement, namely:

Development. There are no additional charges for 'personal experimentation', providing each developer has a copy of the 'TCP/IP Lean' book.

Production. Before the software can be used in a commercial application, an unlimited-incorporation license must be obtained. The price of the licenses has been kept low to encourage commercial usage. See the Iosoft license information.

Software versions

Click here for details of the ChipWeb software versions, and links to the Iosoft e-commerce site.

Why aren't the software updates free?

We are sometimes asked why the purchaser of a PICDEM.net kit doesn't get free software updates. The answer is that the PICDEM.net kit is a Microchip product, so Iosoft Ltd. does not profit from its sale. We do profit from the commercial licensing of our software, but the kit is often purchased by students, who use it for study & experimentation, but won't be taking out a commercial license.

We'd like to continue our policy of allowing students to experiment with our software at low cost, without purchase of a development license. However, we do need to get some income from this process, so have to charge for updates - the price (approx USD 20) has been set very low considering we're supplying a full source-code update, with significant enhancements, rather than just a few bug-fixes.

PICmicro® is a registered trademark of Microchip Technology Inc., PICDEM.net™ is a trademark of Microchip Technology Inc.